Bodywork Denver accepts payments in cash and credit cards, including Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards.   Note that credit cards charge Bodywork Denver a variable fee to process payments. Accordingly, Bodywork Denver will asks that the customer consider adding a 3.5% gratuity to all credit card purchases, with the exception of gift cards. This tip is optional and can be discussed with Dave at the time of payment. Payment is due at the time of service. For customer convenience, prepayment is available during online scheduling, with the optional 3.5% gratuity included. Pricing is listed on the online scheduler page. 

Late Policy

Dave understands that life happens, but he also respects the time and need of punctuality for all his clients.  If a client shows up late to an appointment, Dave will make a reasonable attempt to give that person the full session length.  However often this is not possible due to later appointments in the day, which must remain on time.  A client who is 10 minutes late may expect to receive a 10-minute shortened session at the full session price.

No-show Policy

A first-time client who does not arrive for their appointment may be denied the ability to schedule future appointments.  A repeat customer who does not arrive will be given a one-time exception with no payment due.  In all other cases, full payment is due for a no-show, unless Dave is notified within a reasonable period of time prior to the session (24-hours preferred).

House Calls

House call appointments are available for an additional travel charge, after having met Dave and received a session in one of his offices.  They can be scheduled online, but they can not be honored until after the first office appointment.


The culture of tipping is rather strange and arbitrary in the US.   Dave believes that it relieves social pressures and sets a more professional tone when tipping is disallowed.  Accordingly, Dave does not accept cash tips in the therapeutic bodywork environment.  As an exception to this rule, if paying with a credit card Dave asks the client to consider paying a 3.5% gratuity to offset his credit card processing fee. (3.5% is $2.80 on a 60-minute massage and $4.20 on a 90-minute massage).