Dave Dieter founded Bodywork Denver after deciding to apply his problem solving skills from a 20-year career in Aerospace Engineering towards helping people through therapeutic massage.  His focus is aiding clients to restore physical balance to their bodies through targeted bodywork strategies and education. He understands the human body contains enormous potential for change and self-healing, and accordingly massage and bodywork should have goals far beyond temporary relief of chronic issues. Dave works with clients to grasp the big picture of their bodywork goals, and help them understand what potential situations are affecting the physical balance in their muscle and soft tissue, allowing clients to take control of their progress.

Like anything else, lasting change from therapeutic bodywork comes primarily from the client's awareness, ownership and actions towards their goals.  Dave’s job is simply that of a facilitator and educator to help spark and maintain those changes, from reduction of stress and pain from daily activities to increase in efficiency for muscular performance. 

Bodywork Denver specializes

  • Restoration of imbalances in posture due to occupation or sports
  • Relief of pain from muscular tightness and imbalance
  • Neuromuscular Therapy to relieve pain from muscle impingement on nerves, including False Sciatica* (Piriformis Syndrome*), Thoracic Outlet Syndrome*, and post-injury Trigger Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage to help identify and work towards correcting muscular inefficiencies in sports performance

Your first session will involve a brief interview of your bodywork goals, pain you may have, occupation, sports, past injuries and well as a brief physical assessment.  Dave uses an integrated bodywork approach, tailored to each client, to help you work towards your goals.